Project Details

Development of Early Diagnostic Kit for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the main cause of death among cancer related mortalities. The main reasons for the high mortality rate are lack of early diagnosis and the lack of effective treatment.

Our Goal

The aim of our project is to identify serum based biomarkers which, in contrast to the current methods in use, can lead to the early diagnosis of lung cancer.  We, therefore, aim the discovery of biomarkers specific for lung cancer that can be detected in serum months to years before onset of clinical disease. Our early diagnostic kit will measure the level of biomarkers which are discovered by our group.










PRZ BioTech Team has over 25 years of experience in biomarker discovery and validation
PRZ BioTech have extended experience in project development, management and performing value added R&D.
PRZ Biotech aims to be leader in development of novel and key technologies, kits, and services for cancer diagnosis in Turkey.