Project Details

Development of Theranostic Kit for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Worldwide more than 1.5 million women annually are diagnosed with breast cancer. TNBC is the most aggressive subtype of breast cancer and has the worst prognosis.

Our Goal

Although, targeted therapy can be applied to other subgroups of breast cancer such as HER2+, any targeted therapy is not approved for TNBC. For treatment of TNBC, some chemotherapeutic agents that are very cytotoxic are used. Only, %30 of TNBC patients respond to chemotherapy, rest of them are resistant to chemotherapy. In this project, a theranostic kit will be developed. Our theranostic kit will be utilized for diagnosis of TNBC patients by comparing their gene expression levels. Targeted therapies for TNBC can be developed by this approach to decrease the tumour size and ultimately cure breast cancer. 





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