PRZ Bio Technology

Prz Biotech is founded in 2013 by young researchers who are dedicated and have expertice in cancer diagnosis. The team is composed of a PI, PhD and Master students, interns and technicians. Prz Biotech is awarded by many competitions and funded by many domestic institutions and agencies like The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK), Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation of Turkey.

Prz Biotech is capable of growing by incorporation of new qualified and motivated human resources from privileged Universities of Ankara.


Prz Biotech aims to be the leader in development of novel and key technologies, kits and services for cancer diagnosis in Turkey.

This can be achieved by establishing collaboration networks of researchers and companies with European and neighboring countries in the long run. Prz Biotech aims to start from establishing such networks in Turkey at first and then in abroad. Identification, confirmation and validation of novel biomarkers for cancer are main purposes of the company tohether with development of kits and services for screening of these biomarkers. Development of new technologies for identification of novel biomarkers is also among the aims of Prz Biotech.


The optimal way for Turkey to utilize current scientific technology for diagnosis and early diagnosis of cancer is through embracement of international knowledge together with obtaining domestic know-how by supporting R&D in specific biomarker discovery and validation studies.

As a key strategic country in the Middle East, Turkey is one of the best candidates for establishment of R&D facilities for deployment of promising diagnostic technologies in the region to generate feasible solutions for diseases like cancer as a contribution to humanity.

PRZ BioTech Team has over 25 years of experience in biomarker discovery and validation
PRZ BioTech have extended experience in project development, management and performing value added R&D.
PRZ Biotech aims to be leader in development of novel and key technologies, kits, and services for cancer diagnosis in Turkey.